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Online Course: Managing IT/Cyber Threats - What Every Risk Professional Should Know




Approved for RIMS Fellow credit



This online course offers fresh perspectives on the risk manager’s role in applying risk methods to the world of information technology (IT) and information management (IM) in organizational settings. Detailed investigation and case studies of computer system security threats will allow participants to hone their skills. Registrants are not required to be IT experts. 


There are two key objectives: One is to eliminate language gaps by explaining a cyber threats definition and related concepts. The purpose is to give you confidence to work with IT peers on system security threats, even in a fast-changing technology landscape. The second objective is to know how to read different IM/IT configurations and situations, and assess them for risk. This course continues our mission to provide professional development online courses to risk managers who must think outside of the conventions and take on an enterprise role, both in the public and private sectors.

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Module 1 Collaborative IT Risk Management
Today’s risk managers need to work closely with IT peers and vendors build effective ERM plans. Understand technical concepts and language; bridge communications gaps and achieve a collaborative IT risk management framework.

Module 2 Cyber Risks

Explore the basic anatomy of cyber risks and threats. Cyber-crime motivation, vulnerabilities across network entry points, exploits, and malware can play havoc with corporate digital assets. Apply structured loss control to manage risks.

Module 3 Internal IT Risks

Insider and operational risks can be as devastating as cyber threats. Understand the ingredients for developing systems-based loss controls. Learn about internal IT risk characteristics, and the building blocks and techniques used to deal with these risks.

Module 4 Information Management Risks

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media blur the lines between business and IT to yield special challenges for risk managers. Learn data loss and data breach management. Supplementary articles provide a deeper dive into data leakage and social media concerns.

Module 5 Cyber Insurance

The process of acquiring technology insurance is unlike shopping for traditional business insurance. Step-by-step process to prepare, solicit and evaluate cyber insurance proposals. Reduce cyber liability and technology insurance needs. Case studies provide insight on cyber insurance from a global perspective.

Engage successfully as a risk professional with the technology and systems side of the business:

  • prepare for emerging risks;
  • start a fruitful dialogue and working relationship with the IT department;
  • create cooperatively a comprehensive risk management plan;
  • understand the frameworks and core concepts of IT management;
  • test the organization’s resilience;
  • be able to discuss the role of IT in supporting the business;
  • integrate IT/IM risk assessment with ERM implementation;
  • assess with authority the risks of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media;
  • take into account cell phones, laptops and other devices and information communication technology - ICT risk assessment;
  • learn the underlying and perennial principles of IT security management;
  • craft smart contract terms for cyber insurance.


  •  chief risk officers, risk management directors, and risk managers;
  •  analysts and program leads responsible for conducting risk assessment;
  •  strategic and program planners, private and public sectors;
  •  those charged with establishing or improving the ERM program;
  •  those charged with information and systems security risk management.

The program is presented in 5 modules; the course takes 10-15 hours to complete. Each Learning Module consists of a slide presentation pdf, case studies, exercises, answer keys, and templates and resources for you to apply the concepts. Materials are made available for downloading.

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