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Online Course: Creating Value - Risk Manager as Innovator




Approved for RIMS Fellow credit


Opportunity is the so-called upside of risk, but how should it be managed? Rather than leaving opportunity to chance, there must be a way to structure the search and development of novel products and services. Top flight companies do not stop innovating, even during economic downturns. Progressive government programs are using principles of efficiency and Lean manufacturing. Is your risk management program helping the organization to remain viable?

This course is designed to help you facilitate value creation, whether in a private or public sector setting. Many risk managers now have the chance to gain the serious attention of boards and senior executive by connecting the risk management function with the innovation process. But they need a truly structured method to lead multi-disciplinary teams, to find and develop opportunities.

Innovation in risk management means finding new work-flows, products, market niches, business models, ways to meet client needs and sustain professional values – even ways to transform the your industry practice and the community at large: these are all possible and waiting to be developed. This online course presents methods, tools and case studies to allow your team to conceive changes, incubate ideas, and properly implement innovations. Methods are scalable from departmental pilots upwards.

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  • chief risk officers and risk managers
  • analysts and program leads responsible for conducting risk assessment
  • strategic and program planners
  • those charged with establishing or improving the ERM program
  • experts in all content areas; public and private sectors (principles are transferable)


The program is presented in 5 modules; the course takes 10-15 hours to complete. Each Learning Module consists of an introductory video, a narrated slide presentation, case studies, exercises, answer keys, a wrap-up audio discussion, and templates and resources for you to apply the concepts. Materials are made available in pdf, mp3 and Word formats for downloading. Network with course participants in the online Forum.


1. Your Organization’s Innovation Quotient (IQ) -strategic identity and organizational capacity for innovation as a core competency.

2. Personal Creativity and Facilitation – concepts and tools for individual creativity; risk manager’s role as facilitator.

3. Fixing the Core Business – risk/opportunity model; innovation targets - products and more; tools + techniques; 5 levels of benefit.

4. Next Innovation Wave – coordinate environmental scan + planning; task environment, sector-industry scan; use internal hidden assets.

5. Cutting Implementation Risk – principles of implementation success, drawn from the literature; applied to your innovation program.

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