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Live Workshop - ERM

RIMS WORKSHOP:  Enterprise Risk Management

CERTIFICATIONS:       RIMS Fellow Designation
                                      Canadian Risk Manager – Enteprise (CRM-E)




RIMS Fellow Designation
This workshop counts towards the RIMS Fellow. So do the online courses offered through this site.

CRM-E Designation
The Canadian Risk Management-Enterprise or CRM-E is issued by The Global Risk Management Institute, Inc.
Those who already have their CRM may now augment it with the CRM-E.

ERM Workshop
The 3-day RIMS workshop called "Enterprise Risk Management" is held usually 4 times annually; twice at Canadian locations.

In Canada the Enterprise Risk Management workshop supports the CRM-E Exam. It requires the text Enterprise Risk Management, published by The Institutes. 
Link: RIMS Enterprise Risk Management workshop details + registration page.
Details and access information on the CRM-E Online Examination itself will be sent to you upon completion of the three-day workshop.

Year 2011 will feature a new opportunity for current Canadian Risk Management designation holders to upgrade to the CRM-E, indicating knowledge and training in enterprise risk management (ERM). The new CRM-E designation was created to demonstrate a risk manager has training in ERM fundamentals as well as in risk assessment, risk control and risk financing.

RIMS also developed a new three-day workshop [now] called "Enterprise Risk Management". CRM holders who take the new course and pass an online exam developed specifically for Canadians will be able to upgrade their CRM designation to the CRM-E.

                                                                         ~ Tony Brambilla, RIMS Canada Council, "Engaging Risk Professionals" in Canadian Underwriter, 01 Mar 2011.


Participants in the Enterprise RIsk Management workshop need not take the CRM-E exam. They will still gain credit towards the RIMS Fellow Designation.
Moreover, they will benefit from valuable supplementary materials (electronic downloads included in the workshop):

  1. Process for Organizational Planning
  2. Diagram-Corporate Governance and ERM
  3. Context Template for Risk Identification/Assessment Session
  4. Risk Register Template
  5. Risk Management Plan
  6. Resources
  7. CRM-E Exam Study Guide.
    The 30-slide (15-page) CRM-E-Exam Study Guide gives you a preview of the sections of the textbook -- required purchase for the workshop -- to study for the exam.

To find out details of the administration of the online CRM-E exam, contact Marianne Cullen
Use subject header: Inquiry RE: CRM-E Exam

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